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Galaxy A (2016) with S Pen (255.4 mm)

The left side of the screen, white background Galaxy Tab A (2016) with S Pen is located logos and products, and two overlapping black color products founded on the right to see the back of the front, followed by white goods.  This product is a white back showing 1/3 black product is the front.  Overlooking the front of the screen product search window, and the main applications are placed on a background of blue color curve, which spread, S Pen to the left, it stood at a 45 ° angle.
S Pen
S Pen
Beyond the notes
became more diverse utilization of the S Pen
S Pen is constantly evolving.
Even if only to take up the S Pen on the screen to translate images into words, and
off notes, and even display
a written description in the captured image directly share,
sophisticated and professional figure gently in addition,
a special variety of the moment,
then dropped to the charm of the S Pen.
Galaxy A (2016) with S Pen, and the product is exposed to the appearance of a full side to the lower left corner in the top right corner of the center, the Galaxy Tab A (2016) with the top of the S Pen products are bottom of the black screen, a light gray background as will be shown. Galaxy a (2016) with S Pen and the top center of the product has been exposed as a big phrases S Pen, the S Pen is viewed in an oblique sideways S-shape.  The screen has an air command application of S Pen are marked.
You study
When you need the translation of words to study, try to take near the S Pen on the word.
Tell someone easy to pronounce and translate I'm looking for.
※ Supported languages ​​may be limited and may not be translated if possible a screen capture .
Icon for when you studyIcon for the meeting toWhich means when the SNS iconIcon for the picture you draw
This screen is shown and three Instruments, the first image that runs the translator, the second image to the language selected during translation, and the third one will show the image pointed to translate words S Pen.The translator section will be shown enlarged.This way you can choose the language from English to Korean will be shown enlarged.Be a time of the selected letters it will expand the view to show the meaning been translated into Korean of time.
Anywhere fast LTE network connection
When walking or walk down the street, even in Wi-Fi connection is not fast and convenient network services
are available. Galaxy A (2016) with S Pen is supported by the Internet search and LTE
as well as music streaming services to minimize the interruption of HD video and enjoy.

※ Galaxy Tab A (2016) with S Pen is selected operators opened as unlock the terminal points.
※ carriers OPMD the service (with a fixed amount over a smartphone plan) surcharge without at sign-up available LTE use.
※ maximum theoretical value basis, the actual speeds may vary depending on operating environment specifications, operating environment, number of concurrent users, content servers, such as delays.
Galaxy of white color on the screen of a white background A (2016) with S Pen products are placed.  Products are placed in the eye watching over long distances.  Screen of the product is black, and the antenna icon with the wave effect of water droplets to guide the LTE effects, the wave effect of the product line is represented by a circular periphery.
Android 6.0 and
Octa-core AP mounting
Android 6.0 and 1.6 GHz octa-core processor
and equipped with the Internet, as well as documents, movies,
more quickly and a variety of multi-tasking, such as high-end games
, you can comfortably enjoy.
In addition, the maximum necessary to support an external memory slot
up to 256 GB capacity photo by expansion or the like videos
can generously store content.

※ The SD cards are sold separately.
AP icon representing the chip - Octa-Core 1.6 GHz
A 1.6 GHz octa-core processor, equipped with
a variety of tasks you can comfortably enjoy.
  Icons representing the Android 6.0 - Android 6.0
Android version 6.0
supports (Marshmallow).
 256GB icon representing the external memory - Up to 256 GB
Capacity up to 256 GB that can be expanded
external memory support slot.
 The center of the screen with a black color of the Galaxy Tab A (2016) with S Pen products are located. This product is slightly twisted to the left side of vertical type.  The bottom of the product is shown to the video replay.  The screen looks like red, orange color hot air balloon in the wide desert sky.  The top product seems display a screen where you can write comments and description of the video post.  The bottom of the screen gave the white color Galaxy Tab A (2016) with S Pen products for men hand horizontally.  White Color Galaxy Tab A (2016) with S Pen will see the side of the product.
Multi-user mode
Through a multi-user mode, all family members have their own account,
sharing a single device to register, and can be used for
the different user settings for each music, games, apps, photos, etc.
can be used as a separate tablet and privacy and
independent you can use.

Icon means that the share of the multi-user mode
Galaxy Tab on the left side of the black screen, A (2016) with S Pen product is located.  Screen products are reported at an angle to the left.  Inside the product, and stretches the screen of blue color curve, there is a waiting screen is shown.  Right in the screen, the user will see the three names that use multi-user mode.
Kids mode
Interesting features of the Kids mode instead of studying hard, boring and in a variety of applications,
our children can learn while having fun playing. Kids World also through a variety of
applications and can freely enjoy the videos, you can register your child profiles up to 6 people
can check the Eye specific application usage and usage time, etc. and control.

※ Kids Store includes an organic / free content.
You look cute animal characters in the background, it expressed as a gradient up and down the color and navy blue colors are at the bottom.  And animal background black color between the Galaxy Tab character A (2016) with S Pen products are located in long horizontal state.  Within the product it is listed in the screen icon's nine kids mode applications.
Quick Connect and SideSync
Quick Connect feature through the Galaxy A (2016) with pictures and videos of the S Pen
broadcast TV viewing on a large TV screen, the Galaxy Tab A (2016) in with S Pen
, you can enjoy. Also call or a message on a smartphone via SideSync,
mail in real-time on the Galaxy Tab A (2016) with S Pen and a reply
can be sent and, PC and easily share files.

※ Quick Connect is compatible with over 2015 models released J5500, released in '16 K5500 model over the model.
※ In order to use SideSync SideSync must be installed on your PC, smartphone and details, check out the Samsung Electronics website.
And a mobile computer that can connect to each other appears icons - Quick Connect And mobile computers that appear linked icons - SideSync
Galaxy Tab to the right of the gray background color A (2016) with S Pen is seen on TV products and product overlapped.  Flat-screen TV is about 5/4 is shown.  Located in front of the TV Galaxy Tab A (2016) with S Pen products are facing the front of a long horizontal state.  TV and Galaxy Tab A (2016) with S Pen Inside the Home screen on the product Blue, Orange, Purple is the color viewed harmoniously blends gin glow landscape of the sea.
Brilliant large screen display
255.4 mm big screen, as well as be able to conveniently multitasking and Internet video, etc., picture a variety of multimedia content
can be more clearly enjoyed as WUXGA (1920x1200) resolution ratio of 16:10.
The black color in the middle of the screen, the Galaxy Tab A (2016) with S Pen products are facing to the left.  Galaxy A (2016) with S Pen, you can attach the cover to the book product is fixed at an angle.  Galaxy A (2016) with S Pen Inside the Home screen on the product looked to the sky from the city center show the landscape of buildings taken with the background.  Mark has a screen size of 1920x1200.  Galaxy A (2016) with S Pen background of the product gave a blurred background effect to take advantage of the building and the landscape in the screen so that the product is emphasized.
Luxury Design
Modern, minimalist design gives the added luxury charm,
with a soft texture and rounded lines on the hand grip and excellent cold sex cell
was added to the S Pen that is still evolving.
The black color in the middle of the screen, the Galaxy Tab A (2016) with S Pen product is located.  Product vertical, and are arranged in a diagonal form, will see the appearance of male hand holding the S Pen to touch the Galaxy Tab A (2016) with S Pen product at left. Background using diagonal of 30 ° angle of the product the top is white, the bottom looks black color.  Above background black color design that are marked in white.
Convenient Book Cover
Book cover for a stylish design not only protects the Galaxy Tab A (2016) with S Pen from the impact with a magnet type
so easy detachable and can be mounted in two different angles depending on the utilization purpose word processing or watching movies, etc. .

※ The book cover is sold separately.
Removable icon appears easy - Easy Detachable   The viewing mode icons that appear - Viewing Mode   Typing mode icon appears - Typing Mode
The Galaxy's central black colors on the screen black color A (2016) with S Pen products are facing to the right.  Galaxy A (2016) with S Pen, you can attach the cover to the book product is fixed at an angle.  Galaxy A (2016) with S Pen inside the video screen of the product, which looks like playing the guitar is played.
operating system
operating system
Android 6.0
CPU Speed
CPU type

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