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Galaxy Note 7 sales in Europe will be resumed on October 28

Samsung will soon resume sales of the Galaxy Note 7 across the globe. It’s kicking things off from South Korea next week and will gradually resume sales in other markets across the globe. Samsung has confirmed today that its flagship handset will go on sale once again in Europe starting October 28. The company’s press release does leave the door open to the possibility of a delay as the resumption of sales is contingent on “full completion of the exchange programme.”

An exchange program is being run across the globe through which existing Galaxy Note 7 customers can turn in their old handset to receive a new one from Samsung that features a safe battery. This goes to show that Samsung is predictably prioritizing replacements first before it starts selling the handset once again. Samsung notes in the press release that 57 percent of all Note 7 owners in Europe exchanged their phones within a week of the exchange program being launched.

Of those who exchanged, 90 percent opted for a new Note 7 while 3 percent picked up an alternative Samsung handset, this means that 7 percent opted for a refund instead. The company expects to complete the exchange program in Europe by early next month so if everything goes as planned it’s going to have a couple of weeks after that to properly prepare for the resumption of Galaxy Note 7 sales across Europe.


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