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How to use Samsung Pay on Gear S3 [Pictures]

Samsung’s latest and greatest smartwatch – the Gear S3 – supports the company’s mobile payments service. Users in markets where Samsung Pay is available can easily use their smartwatch to make a purchase anywhere they can swipe or tap a card with Samsung Pay for Gear S3. It’s a great service that slims down users’ wallets and enables them to make payments on the go with their watch.

Here’s how you use Samsung Pay on the Gear S3: Launch the app and the press and hold the Back key to bring up the list of cards. Simply rotate the bezel to select the card you want to pay with and then tap PAY on the screen. Hold the Gear S3 near the card reader or NFC reader to complete payment. That’s it, it couldn’t be simpler than this. Bear in mind that this feature will only work in markets where Samsung Pay has been rolled out. You will need a debit or credit card from a participating bank. Samsung Pay works at almost all merchants were you can pay using a conventional credit or debit card.

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