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Huawei Awarded ‘Best Solution in Heterogeneous Network Deployment’ at 5G Asia in Joint Effort with Telkomsel

Huawei, a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, was awarded ‘Best Solution in Heterogeneous Network Deployment’ for its Lampsite 2.0 and Service Anchor solutions at 5G Asia as part of a joint effort with leading Indonesia mobile operator Telkomsel. The two solutions have been put into commercial use in large buildings and will enhance the indoor service experience.

As a leading mobile service provider in Indonesia, Telkomsel will always look to make local markets prosperous as part of its responsibility to them. After studying the importance of indoor networks, Telkomsel worked with Huawei’s LampSite 2.0 solution to improve in-building mobile service. LampSite 2.0 is an end-to-end (E2E) digitalization solution based on CloudBB architecture. It creates much more capacity than traditional Distribute Antenna Systems (DAS).

New services like mobile video, social media and smart e-life can get anywhere, anytime. What’s more, the LampSite can dynamically enlarge its capacity through software configuration and software upgrading by up to 1GB/s. In this way, Telkomsel will always be able to supply the best possible network service to the Indonesian people and promote the local ICT industry.

Simultaneously, with location-based services based on the LampSite solution, Telkomsel is able to provide context-aware services in shopping malls and airports. Combined with Big Data applications, this accelerates business applications and improves Huawei high-end cloud pipeline values. In the next phase, the digitalized network will be deployed in more than 200 shopping malls and five major airports in Indonesia. It will significantly accelerate the process of creating a smart Indonesia and will benefit all Indonesian people.

During network deployment, working with Huawei, Telkomsel coordinated with building owners and other partners to facilitate the establishment of a national Small Cell Industry Alliance. The aim of this organization is to accelerate the application of small cell technologies, give impetus to the national broadband development plan, and promote the building of Smart Indonesia through the industry ecosystem.

The alliance unanimously agreed that the indoor digital network deployed by Telkomsel not only greatly enhanced user experience, but also accelerated Indonesia's ICT development, serving as a model of excellence in the Southern Pacific area. The Small Cell Industry Alliance has made prominent contributions to the ICT development of the whole area.

Huawei's LampSite solution has won the following awards: ‘Best Solution in Heterogeneous Network Deployment’ (multiple times), ‘Best Mobile Infrastructure’ at Mobile World Congress (the Oscars of the mobile communication industry), ‘Best Mobile Network for Airports’ at the Airport Construction Summit, and ‘Best Commercial Case’ at the Mobile Edge Computing Congress.

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