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Huawei Wins Two Awards at Managed Services World Congress

Huawei wins ‘Best Managed Services Innovation Award’ and ‘Best Managed Services Partnership Award’ with TDC Denmark

Huawei won the ‘Best Managed Services Innovation Award’ as 1st place winner and, with TDC Denmark, the ‘Best Managed Services Partnership Award ’ as 2nd place winner at Managed Services World Congress 2016 held by Informa in London. The awards showcase Huawei’s leadership in the managed services domain and its achievements in software defined operation research to enable ICT Managed Services.

Leo Lu (2nd from the left), Managed Services Global President of GTS, Huawei and Dr. Leroy G. Blimegger Jr.(3rd from the left), Senior Vice President of GTS, Huawei collected the ‘Best Managed Services Innovation Award’ and the ‘Best Managed Services Partnership Award’

With experience in managing extensive operation scenarios and highly diversified systems in many different countries, Huawei has realized several common challenges over the years, including:

Limited end-to-end network visibility
Difficulties in applications and tools deployment
No single unified dashboard to view and analyze operation performance
Partial automation with limited error resolution
To overcome all these issues, Huawei has developed Operation Web Services (OWS) which is an open, programmable, cloud based platform with a micro-services architecture, transforming operations management to real time, on-demand, across both network and IT domains. Its key attributes include end-to-end monitoring, connection with a data analytics engine, enabling the use of a DevOps model and setting up a developer ecosystem with the final target being to achieve end-to-end automation and intelligent operations.

OWS is the first step towards genuine software defined operations having the capability to develop new rules and greater insights for operations. The OWS enables orchestration capabilities, and operation engineer’s to develop apps even without an IT background. OWS has already been deployed in over 160 global operations, across over 90 countries.

The TDC Group, Denmark’s largest operator, first partnered with Huawei in 2013 in a six-year contract. After the partnership’s first year in operation, data traffic over the network had increased by 130 percent. At the same time, customer satisfaction improved by 10 percent.

At the 2015 Mobile World Congress, TDC and Huawei jointly announced the completion of a leading customer experience network in Denmark. Meanwhile, Omnitele concluded that, “TDC offers the best data services in Denmark and that smartphone application performance in the TDC network was clearly ahead of other operators in the country when using LTE”.

According to a global speed test conducted by OpenSignal, TDC’s 4G network ranked as the world's fastest network. Based on these achievements Huawei further supported TDC in optimizing the network and achieved leading results in TI and P3 group tests held in 2016.

Huawei’s Managed Services have been widely adopted throughout the industry since 2005. Huawei have now developed a significant strategy for the IT outsourcing market, based on the advantage of network operations and heavy investments in Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO), to provide a unified services model to enable operators’ ICT Transformation. OWS is the enabling platform of Huawei ICT Managed Services, it will create key differentiator’s through its unique architecture and service logic design to finally achieve software defined operation evolution.

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