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Huawei’s Third Security Advisory Board Workshop Explores ICT Security Mechanisms for 2020

Huawei announced it is holding its third Security Advisory Board (SAB) workshop in Paris to plan for core ICT challenges the industry will face by 2020. The workshop is being held under the auspices of the Huawei Innovation Research Program’s (HIRP) Exploratory Activities and two departments – the Shield Lab and Security Competence Center of Huawei 2012 Labs. Both labs focus on ICT security research and development.

The workshop’s theme is the core ICT security challenges and potential mechanisms for 2020 and beyond. The workshop aims to identify the most challenging security threats and explore corresponding protection countermeasures in advance.

5G, public clouds, and the Internet of Things (IoT) are evolving into networks with flat architectures of massive heterogeneous devices. These new features need to be addressed by innovative technologies, including those for tackling security and privacy concerns. Otherwise, individuals and organizations may have to confront more cases of data revelation and compromised privacy.

To deal with these challenges Huawei has invited globally recognized security experts to its SAB workshops along with senior Huawei professionals. This year’s workshop covered topics of cloud security, 5G/IoT security and future cryptographic technologies. Together, these security experts have offered guidance on a range of critical security engineering and technological problems.

Dr. Feng Bao, Director of the Huawei Shield Lab, said: “Essentially different from many other features in products, security is a special property, as it is really hard to be measured. In the past, a lot of security algorithms and protocols were discovered to be flawed. The reason for this is that academics have more systematic thoughts and understanding about security, and they have also investigated security vulnerabilities deeper, compared to the industry.”

“As a world leading telecommunications company whose core value is to put customers first, Huawei has always taken security seriously,” Feng added. “We expect to build more secure solutions jointly with academia and our partners to achieve innovative future solution via collaboration,” he noted.

Huawei’s SAB members, eight well-known security professors, were invited to attend the workshop, from ENS Paris (France), ETH Zurich (Switzerland), the University of London (UK), University of Birmingham (UK), University of Helsinki (Finland), University of Milan (Italy), and the University of Malaga (Spain). Following the workshop, Huawei professionals will further collaborate with these top security researchers to investigate core mechanisms and critical technologies for identifying potential ICT threats and building effective protective solutions to meet security challenges in a future fully connected world of everything.

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