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I survived my Galaxy Note 7 recall trip to Verizon

I didn’t want to do it, but I had to. Verizon and Samsung have sent me emails (and Verizon a text message) over the last few weeks, telling me to power down my Galaxy Note 7 and turn it in for a replacement device. Earlier on in the process, I refrained from taking my Galaxy Note 7 in. Verizon texted me first, saying that I could exchange my device for another phone (like the Moto Z) but said nothing about when I could expect the new Galaxy Note 7 replacement units or when the carrier would have them in stores.

While there are a number of other phones out there that I’ve experienced this year, I had most of those Verizon could offer me. There’s the HTC 10, but I already own that; the LG G5? Have that, too. The Galaxy S7 edge has been the loaner device for many consumers that comes somewhat close in what it offers, but I have that, too. When you own these phones, getting a loaner device isn’t exactly your idea of exciting. Getting loaner devices are never anyone’s ideal situation, but the situation turns even more boring and dull when the phones the carrier wants to give you are already in your possession.

And yet, I had colleagues here at SamMobile that continued to stress the importance of taking my Galaxy Note 7 in and relinquishing the idea of “taking a chance” on keeping my unit – even if it was fine charging on the wire and Samsung’s fast wireless charging stand for the last 4 weeks. And then, to make matters worse, I had family members far and near that have been either making fun of the Galaxy Note 7 explosions (of which 26 have been completely falsified to give some their few days of fame) or have been terrified for me and have warned me it’s not safe to keep it at home.

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