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Samsung Galaxy On5 Pro and Galaxy On7 Pro review

Last year, Samsung launched the Galaxy On series of smartphones in the Indian market. Unlike all its other smartphones, the Galaxy On5 and Galaxy On7 were exclusive to online retailers, in a bid to compete with the feature-packed affordable smartphones that Chinese manufacturers were selling through the online-only model. As the On5 and On7 were sold online, Samsung managed to save on costs associated with offline retailers and stores. As a result, the Galaxy On5 and Galaxy On7 had slightly better specs that what were expected from Samsung phones at those price points.

Fast forward to 2016, and Samsung has launched the On5 Pro and On7 Pro, which bring more RAM, storage and an upgraded version of Android. The Galaxy On5 Pro and Galaxy On7 Pro, like their predecessors, are targeted at those who like to be online all the time (hence the “On” in the phones’ names). At roughly $140 and $160, the On5 Pro and On7 Pro offer the best specs Samsung has ever offered in the segment. In fact, the Galaxy On5 Pro is priced lower than the Galaxy J2 (2016), which has abysmal hardware and only has its cool notification ring to boast about.

We have had both new On handsets in our possession for the last couple of weeks; we thought about doing a full review, but given their limited availability and the fact that they are minor upgrades over the original lineup, we’ll be doing a quick one to see how these handsets fare. Don’t worry, we did use these devices as our main phones for a couple of days, and we will just be keeping the review’s word count short.

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