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SK Telecom, 5.7-inch full-metal-only phone Galaxy A8 (2016) 'reservation Up conduct

1st booking sign up, five days official launch ... factory is ₩ 649,000, mid-priced plan 'band data 6.5G' disclosure standards ₩ 250,000 grant
5.7 inches large screen in full-metal design ... Galaxy A8 (2015) 'battery contrast, the front camera, memory upgrades, and additional specifications page with Samsung
Before opening to a customer up to 15 days after booking sign up to four days 'Premium Box' presentation
Promotional model in Jung-gu, Seoul, SK Telecom Tiffany store the Galaxy A8 (2016) 'scheduled appearance in informing the subscription conducted.Read MorePromotional model in Jung-gu, Seoul, SK Telecom Tiffany store the Galaxy A8 (2016) 'scheduled appearance in informing the subscription conducted.Read More
Read MoreRead More
SK Telecom (CEO jangdonghyeon, www.sktelecom.com ) 5.7-inch full-metal-only phone Galaxy A8 (2016) (hereinafter Galaxy A8) 'announced that it conducted a reservation up to the October 1st 4 days. Galaxy A8 'are only five days, SK Telecom and the official launch, scheduled subscription Available colors are blue color.

Galaxy A8 'chulgoga is ₩ 649,000. SK Telecom plans to support the mid-priced 'band data 6.5G' criteria (₩ 56,100 May include communication charges, VAT) ₩ 250,000 grant disclosure.

Galaxy A8 'has applied a full metal design on the 5.7 inches wide screen. Last August, the market predecessor Galaxy A8 (2015) 'Contrast ▲ battery is 3,050mAh 3,300mAh ▲ in front of the camera 500 million pixels 8 million pixels ▲ ▲ CPU memory is 3GB of RAM from 2GB of RAM (RAM) is' 1.8GHz + 1.3GHz quad-core upgrade each were 'in' quad-core to quad-core 2.1GHz + 1.5GHz quad-core. " Samsung pay, Always On Display functionality was also added.

SK Telecom plans to present a "premium box" consisting of advanced cases, screen protectors, SD card to a customer before opening up after booking sign up to April 15th. If the customer is to apply for access to the Events page via a separate MMS received after opening.

Customers who wish to pay with a purchase 'one Dream24 T' credit cards can be a maximum purchase discounts. When customers use the card performance last month more than 30 million yuan, a discount charged ₩ 12,000 per month can receive discounts of up to ₩ 288,000 over 24 months.

SK Telecom said, "to" Galaxy A8 'with upgraded performance and a full metal design that will appeal to customers who want to buy a relatively inexpensive fashionable products. "

※Reference. Galaxy A8 (2016) 'Disclosure Grants

※Reference. Galaxy A8 (2016) 'Specifications
screen 5.7 inches Full HD
Size, weight 156.6 * 76.8 * 7.2mm, 182g
camera Rear 16MP, front 8MP (front and back F1.9)
CPU + 1.5GHz quad-core 2.1GHz quad-core
battery 3,300mAh
Memory 3GB / 32GB (MicroSD support up to 256GB)
Etc Samsung pay, fingerprint, Always On Display

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