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Un-carrier Network List of Firsts

In recent years, every meaningful network innovation has been available first on T-Mobile—including VoLTE, HD Voice, worldwide Wi-Fi Calling, Enhanced Voice Services, 4G LTE CellSpots and Rich Communications Services. To name a few.
  • Jun 2007:  First to launch Wi-Fi Calling with T-Mobile Hotspot @Home, allowing call handoffs from 2G to Wi-Fi.
  • Sep 2008: First to launch an Android™ powered mobile phone – the G1
  • Jan 2013:  First with HD Voice, and first to launch it nationwide, for crystal clear call quality
  • May 2014:  First to launch VoLTE* for faster call connections, fast LTE data speeds while on a call, HD Voice and seamless transitions between 2G/4G and LTE networks
  • Sep 2014:  First with Wi-Fi Calling worldwide allowing you to move seamlessly between our LTE network and any available Wi-Fi connection (VoLTE w/ eSRVCC*).
  • Jul 2015: First with RCS-based Advanced Messaging for rich 1 on 1 and group messaging, including near real-time chat right out of the box
  • Sep 2015: First with Video Calling so you can see and hear family and friends right from your device’s dialer and right out of the box using LTE or Wi-Fi
  • Nov 2015: First and only to offer free 4G LTE CellSpots, the first-ever 4G LTE mini-tower available from a U.S. wireless provider for full-bar T-Mobile LTE coverage throughout your home, small business or virtually anywhere you need it
  • Feb 2016: First to trial deployment of License Assisted Access*, an exciting innovation that will increase network efficiency and throughput speeds using unlicensed spectrum
  • Apr 2016: First with Enhanced Voice Services*, which improves voice call reliability and fidelity over HD Voice
  • Sep 2016: First with 4x4 MIMO* (Multi-In Multi-Out), which doubles speeds over 4x2 MIMO, allowing four radios at the cell site to send and receive signals with four antennas on the smartphone.
  • Sep 2016: First with 256 QAM* (Quadrature Amplitude Modulation), which provides a higher resolution data signal for increased speeds.
*An LTE-Advanced technology

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