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Woman’s view: Samsung Gear S2 Classic 18K Rose Gold

Before I got the Rose Gold Gear S2 Classic , I was not a fan of watches. I bought one a few years ago, wore it a few times, and after a short while I didn’t look at it again. Why wear a watch when I have my phone with me all the time?

When my boyfriend started wearing smartwatches, I laughed at him. He was just like me, unused to wearing watches. And his watch didn’t look like something you see at the jewellers. The watch bands were made of plastic or rubber, and the screen was a square instead of a circle. Some people called it a sporty look, but I just didn’t think it was pretty.

But when he switched to the Gear S2 Classic, I started to see the benefits of a smartwatch. The rounded screen and ribbed bezel looked way better than previous smartwatches. This one looks almost like a normal watch, especially after he bought a metal watch band. At that moment, I was kind of jealous, and when he showed me a picture of the 18K Rose Gold Gear S2, I was sold. I wanted one, and I wanted it right then.

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