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You wouldn’t want to miss this deal on the original Gear VR headset

Samsung first released a Gear VR headset that was only meant for developers or enthusiasts and it was branded as such. About a year back it released the consumer edition of the Gear VR for $99. The Gear VR has been updated since then but if you own a recent Samsung flagship and would like to experience VR on the cheap, Amazon is offering a deal today that you wouldn’t want to miss. It’s offering the original Gear VR headset for $59.99 – that’s a $40 discount.

Bear in mind that this headset won’t work with the Galaxy Note 7 since the latest flagship features a USB Type-C port. However, it will work nicely with the Galaxy S7 series, the Galaxy S6 series and the Galaxy Note 5. This deal is available for today only and through Amazon so it will be in your best interest to not waste any time in picking one up. Chances are the online retailer is going to sell out of these discounted units by the end of the day. If you’d rather have the latest Gear VR headset that comes with slight improvements, Amazon is selling that too albeit at full price.


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