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Major airlines are stocking fire-containment bags to deal with Galaxy Note 7 fires

Major airlines are stocking planes with fire-containment bags to deal with Galaxy Note 7 smartphones that burst into flames, according to The Wall Street Journal. This decision comes shortly after a ‘safe’ replacement model of the problematic handset caught fire on a Southwest Airlines flight before takeoff.

Alaska Air Group Inc. and Virgin America Inc. have already distributed the fire-containment bags to their entire mainline fleet, but Delta has plans to do so by the end of 2017. The containers will also be stored in airports, so that staff can quickly and effectively deal with a Galaxy Note 7 that’s ignited in a terminal.

It’s believed that the fire-containment bags are constructed out of a similar material to the Note 7 Return Kit that Samsung is rumored to distribute in the coming weeks. The bags come with special thermally insulated packaging and a pair of safety gloves for handling the ceramic fiber padding.


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