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Samsung creating software to help transfer Notes from the Galaxy Note 7 to the Galaxy S7

Samsung launched a powerful new note-taking app with the Galaxy Note 7 called Samsung Notes. It consolidated apps and features like Memo, S Note, Action memo and Scrapbook in one simple app. The new app didn’t just enhance the handset’s note-taking abilities but also brought some new features as well. Samsung did say at one point that it will bring this app to handsets other than the Galaxy Note 7 but since then it has been pretty busy with the recall. Now that the Galaxy Note 7 is dead, people will be exchanging their units with other devices and they will obviously take their data with them. Samsung is said to be creating new software that enables users to transfer notes from the Galaxy Note 7 to the Galaxy S7.

This was revealed by someone who got in touch with Samsung Technical Support for Smart Switch. He was told that since the app isn’t compatible with Galaxy phones yet the Notes are not compatible as well. Support told him that Samsung is working on developing new software which will enable users to transfer their Notes from the Galaxy Note 7 to the Galaxy S7. It’s unclear how long it will take for Samsung to release it but I wager it’s not going to be long, it won’t be something that’s terribly complex and with users urged to replace their Galaxy Note 7s immediately, Samsung has all the more reason in the world to release the software quickly.

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