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New Galloway Notes 7 explosion Report, findings, blaming external shocks'

Dwaeteuna alleged by the Galaxy Note 7 to exchange new research has revealed that the explosion was an external shock causes.

External agencies feelings "large wound on the back."
Mr. aunt who lives in Songpa-gu, Seoul "Over the from 1 am the wife Galaxy Note July postponed melted some products," said "I unplugged the charger in the morning, the thrust overnight charger - minute smoke was behind," said two days claimed did. Lee is unveiled, such as the serial number of the boxes were packed new evidence batatdamyeo exchanged via courier the goods in the last 22 days the photo.

Samsung be passed to Lee products commissioned a precise emotion to the global research firm SGS Korea Branch did. SGS is a global inspection, verification, testing and certification company based in Switzerland.

SGS side said, "ignited a result of analyzing the product in question is an X-ray and CT scan were confirmed to be caused by an external shock," he said. Samsung official explained that "there was a large wound to such an extent that the back injury case investigation of SGS is specific to this area by firing a starting point."

Before Lee was an explosion, "notes 7 replacement to the portal site cafe 1 days "I upped the article. Samsung has visited the Lee twice, but asked to hand over the goods, Lee did not respond to this. Meanwhile, Lee's writing is carried jimyeonseo spread in the online community has spread throughout the debate.

Samsung Electronics said, "but after exchanging a recall of 1.2 million batteries products to date there was no fire accident."


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