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You can no longer take the Galaxy Note 7 on an Amtrak train in the United States

If you were hoping to work around the blanket air travel ban on the Galaxy Note 7 by catching an Amtrak train to your destination, you will need to come up with another plan. The National Railroad Passenger Corporation a.k.a Amtrak provides medium and long-distance intercity service in the United States. It has confirmed that passengers are no longer allowed to bring the Galaxy Note 7 on trains, platforms and stations as well as thruway buses.

The emergency ban has been issued on the Galaxy Note 7 to address the potential safety risks an exploding Galaxy Note 7 can pose for passengers and employees. The ban follows the ruling from the United States Department of Transportation which has now made it a federal crime to carry a Galaxy Note 7 on an airplane. Samsung has set up kiosks at airports across the globe to help passengers exchange or refund their Galaxy Note 7, it’s unlikely that a similar step will be taken for Amtrak stations across the United States.

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