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‘Explo-sung’ skin adds that Galaxy Note 7 burn effect to an iPhone

Samsung will have to forgive people for having fun at its expense, but the Galaxy Note 7 is now a punchline to many jokes, just ask President Obama. We’ve seen people make fun of the flagship in different ways, by creating Halloween costumes, a mod for GTA 5 which enables players to use the Note 7 has a hand grenade and by creating a video with hilarious instructions on how to return a Galaxy Note 7. Samsung fans may not be particularly excited about finding out that an accessory company has created what it calls an “Explo-sung” skin which adds the now iconic Galaxy Note 7 burn effect to an iPhone.

We’ve all seen plenty of pictures to know what a burnt Galaxy Note 7 looks like. The front and back decals of this skin make it look almost the same as a Galaxy Note 7 that caught fire. Uniqfind is the company behind this skin and it also pokes fun at Samsung’s misery in its description for this product: “Here at Uniqfind, we’ve come up with a merciless way to dress-up your iPhone this Halloween — as a burnt device! Introducing the Explo-Sung decal for iPhones. It’s our hottest skin yet.”

Nevermind the fact that this $24.99 skin is being marketed as appropriate for Halloween but it won’t start shipping until November while the spooky festival takes place on October 31. Maybe iPhone fans who just want to needle their Samsung counterparts will look past that and buy this anyway. It remains to be seen if Samsung goes after the company to shut this down.

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