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Exploding Galaxy Note 7 gets a new lease on life in GTA 5

No one will perhaps be happier than Samsung to leave the entire Galaxy Note 7 debacle behind. Last month was hectic for the company as it confirmed the recall and started replacing all of the units that it had shipped but even that wasn’t enough to stop reports of more Galaxy Note 7 units exploding. Now that it has replaced the majority of the units and has even started selling the handset again with safe batteries most people are eventually going to forget about it provided that they don’t play Grand Theft Auto 5.

Someone has actually created an exploding Galaxy Note 7 mod for this popular game which brings the handset inside the game where it doubles as a sticky bomb. Players are definitely going to have a lot of fun with the exploding Galaxy Note 7 in GTA 5 as no gun is too big and no explosion too outrageous in that game, the video does show that players can do some really wacky things with an exploding Galaxy Note 7 in GTA 5. Samsung may never talk about the Galaxy Note 7 recall again and it will gradually fade from our memories too but the GTA 5 mod will ensure that the exploding Galaxy Note 7 lives on forever.

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