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Huawei Certified as GSMA Mobile Connect Vendor

ing-edge DSP has successfully passed rigorous testing and is now listed on GSMA's official website as a Mobile Connect-compliant product.

With a Mobile Connect-compliant DSP from Huawei, mobile network operators can now extend their portfolios to include user authentication. Because users log in to and are authenticated by operators' business systems based on their mobile numbers, the risk of identity theft is eliminated.

Huawei DSP can be integrated with operators' business systems to offer users a seamless and secure login experience. Huawei DSP is expected to open Mobile Connect capabilities to industries such as banking and e-commerce, and empowers mobile network operators to collaborate with over-the-top (OTT) players, generating new business opportunities and growth.

Huawei is working in close collaboration with GSMA on multiple projects in Southeast Asia and the South Pacific to promote commercial deployment of Mobile Connect in more mobile operator networks.

Mobile Connect, a GSMA initiative, is the new standard in digital authentication and a secure universal login solution. Mobile Connect matches users to their mobile phone numbers, allowing users to quickly log in to websites and applications without the need to remember user names and passwords. Mobile Connect makes user login much simpler and allows users to continuously enjoy digital services.

For more information, please visit http://www.gsma.com/personaldata/mobile-connect-vendors

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