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Huawei Participate in CMA Summit Forum 2016 to Promote the Prosperity and Development of the Industry

Huawei participated in the CMA Summit Forum 2016 held in Beijing on October 25. The Cloud Mitigation Alliance (CMA) was established in 2015 to call for global partners to defend against cloud-based network attacks, such as Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.

The theme of the forum this year is ‘Collaborate to Protect’, which expresses the hope of collaborating worldwide resources together to defend against rampant cloud-based network attacks. A number of CMA members from across the globe took part in the forum and the CMA logo, vision, and mission were determined and released, with the chair also awarding a certificate to each member.

The summit opened with a keynote speech by Mr. Liu Lizhu, the Executive Chairman of CMA. Mr. Moctar of the African Union's Information Society Division and Mr. Yan Hanbing of the National Internet Emergency Center Operations Department also delivered speeches.

Meanwhile, Mr. Liu Ziqian, CEO of the Network Security Product Operations Center (DamDDoS) of China Telecom Corporation Limited and Mr. Xu Yaowei, Director of Big Data Security Products of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. made statements. Participants also discussed the trends and defense policies of large-traffic attacks in the industry and the problems in defending against malicious traffic attacks worldwide.

The industry has the following problems in defending against cloud-based attacks: local scrubbing devices cannot interwork with cloud scrubbing centers; there is a lack of intelligence cooperation and collaborative defense mechanisms; there are undeveloped industrial standards for anti-cloud-based network attacks.

To resolve the preceding problems, CMA members have proposed a series of countermeasures. These include establishing a signaling protocol standard for the cloud mitigation system and building a scheduling platform for seamless connection between local scrubbing devices and cloud scrubbing centers. Also building a network-wide threat information Big Data database, so that CMA members can share attack information for collaborative defense was considered. CMA members formulate cloud mitigation rating and testing standards and release cloud mitigation research achievements and analysis reports, providing attack defense best practices.

At the forum, certificates were awarded to the following CMA members: China Telecom, Huawei, QSSEC, CNBM Technology, SunHongs, African Union Commission, LETV Cloud Computing, KSYUN, and QingCloud.

The CMA logo, vision, and mission were also determined at the forum. The CMA aims to build a cloud mitigation industrial cooperation platform. It aggregates resources from enterprises, vendors, research institutes, industrial organizations, carriers, and cloud service providers to propel the progress of the industry. It also leads on industry practices and boosts the healthy and sustainable development of the industry.

CMA is based in China and services the globe, builds open and unified architecture, standard interfaces, and threat information databases, and promotes the formulation of industry standards. It is devoted to pushing industry cooperation, information sharing, collaborative defense, and standard development.

Huawei and partners propose that more carriers, MSSP service providers, and IDC service providers join CMA to promote industrial prosperity.

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