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Lab test pictures show the Galaxy Note 7 combusting in spectacular fashion

We are all well aware now of the Galaxy Note 7′s tendency to explode. Samsung sprung into action last month when it announced the recall and kicked off the replacement program. However, troubling reports continue to pour in. Just a few days ago it was reported that a replacement Galaxy Note 7 deemed safe exploded just as countless unsafe units have before it leading to a federal investigation into an incident with some believing that if issues persist Samsung might have to issue a second recall. We’ve seen images of the aftermath and now a lab test conducted on the Galaxy Note 7 shows us just how spectacularly the handset burns when the battery fails.

These images come from the Applied Energy Hub battery laboratory in Singapore where researchers applied pressure on a fully charged Galaxy Note 7 to ascertain how much pressure it can withstand before combusting. The pressure was gradually increased in this stress test to see how long the Galaxy Note 7 could hold up, once that limit was reached the handset went up in flames completely and burned to a crisp on the test bench. It’s unclear whether this was a recalled or a replacement unit.

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