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Make no mistake, the Galaxy Note 7 has basically been recalled once again

We have seen more than ten reports of replacement Galaxy Note 7 units catching fire and burning to a crisp last week. This wasn’t supposed to happen with replacement units which were sent out with the promise that they won’t have the same issue as recalled units. Something is clearly not right. Samsung’s carrier and retail partners already started halting sales and replacements on their own because their reputation was on the line as well. The company sent out a statement today confirming that it’s halting all sales and replacements of the Galaxy Note 7 worldwide. The statement doesn’t include the word recall but make no mistake, the Galaxy Note 7 has basically been recalled once again.

The company has asked customers with replacement units to stop using their devices and power them down, that’s precisely what did the first time around. Samsung’s own statement says that those who have a replacement Galaxy Note 7 should “take advantages of the remedies available.” Carrier and retail partners are already allowing customers to exchange their original and even their replacement units with any other device. Samsung hasn’t listed those remedies in its statement but has surely pointed towards them. The original Galaxy Note 7 recall website has also been updated to reflect that all Galaxy Note 7 units should be returned, it no longer says that recalled Note 7 units should be exchanged for a replacement Galaxy Note 7.

Samsung and even the US Consumer Product Safety Commission are not calling this a recall right now because the word “recall” itself has specific legal meaning. Even though the actions are the same – power down the phone immediately and return it – it’s not being branded as a recall at this time. The FAA has already reinstated its warning for the Galaxy Note 7 and all signs are now pointing towards an inevitable announcement of a second recall once Samsung’s investigation concludes. It’s unclear right now when Samsung is going to provide an official reason for this entire mess.


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