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'Note 7' to postpone eating a hamburger ... saw the video explosion

Smartphone Galaxy Note 7 explosion video Samsung has rapidly spread online.

Yesterday afternoon this video came up on YouTube is suddenly acting in note 7 had turned up on the table Peer ohreuja store employees wore dishwashing gloves Trine fell on the floor disappears after holding off the screen.

Video in place is a burger shop in my basement floor Modern Premium Outlet Incheon Songdo City. Netizens have seen the movie and was concerned "if the explosion in the clothes in the bag or purse, seem to be able to lead to burns or fire,"

it is unknown about whether the seven notes in the video are exchanged earlier models, later models. In the day's War Notes 7 explosion at Hanwha Eagles Park baseball stadium caught the attention of netizens. This page also exchanged notes 7 previous model, it is unknown whether for later models.

Meanwhile, Samsung Electronics, according to the exchange rate of seven knots is about 60% based on April 28.


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