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[Poll] Would you purchase another Galaxy Note smartphone?

When Samsung announced that it’s terminating production of its latest flagship smartphone yesterday, the Internet quickly became flooded with strong suggestions that the South Korean company should ditch the Galaxy Note branding as many people believe that its reputation is too tarnished for consumers to want to pick up a next-generation handset.

As I mentioned in my story entitled “Here’s why Samsung may drop the Note brand” that went live on SamMobile earlier today, I think that the firm should drop the Galaxy Note moniker entirely and focus on creating one flagship with a stylus-toting variant next year. I even suggested that Samsung should create a ‘Pro’ variant of its next iteration that sports an S Pen.

I’d love to know what you think, though. Would you purchase another Galaxy Note smartphone? Do you think that the Note brand is dead and that Samsung should move on by creating a completely separate device. Be sure to drop a vote in the poll below and take to the comments section to share a more detailed response. I’ll be replying to comments over on Twitter too, so be sure to reach out.

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