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Samsung owners furious as company resists paying up for Note 7 fire damage

Owners of the twice-recalled Galaxy Note 7 say the exploding phones caused extensive damage to their homes, but the company isn’t playing ball

Samsung is being sharply criticized by owners of faulty Galaxy Note 7 smartphones who claim the company isn’t doing enough to compensate for the most serious damaged caused when their handsets caught fire.

A problem with the device’s lithium ion battery led some units – 96 at last count – to combust, in some cases causing damage to furniture, carpets, curtains, wiring and other items. The problems continued even after Samsung recalled, replaced and refunded some of the units, leading to a second more expansive recall of 1.9m devices.

The Note 7 is now banned from so many airlines that the company is opening stalls in airports where owners can swap or refund the phablet before boarding their flight.

However, at least three owners have come forward to say they are not happy with how they’ve been treated by Samsung, while a crisis management expert describes the company as “seriously underprepared”.

John Barwick from Marion, Illinois, was in bed on 8 September when his wife Joni’s device exploded on the nightstand.

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