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Samsung partners "Galaxy Note 7 suspended production" (total II)

"Of the US-ROK cooperation with the authorities of the" three ... four domestic Yitong "never received notice yet."
(AP) reporter imhwaseop hanjihun = Samsung Electronics said the Galaxy Note, Samsung Electronics official suppliers has suspended production of 710 days. It seems to follow-up, according to the recent fire incident.

Samsung Electronics official suppliers "are aware of this action is to include a factory in Vietnam, which is responsible for global shipments," he said so.

He said, "This is the United States as well known as the measures taken to consider the safety of the Chinese and global customers, including Korea," said "Samsung is working with international agencies such as Korea National Agency for Technology and Standards, US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), China's regulatory authorities I know that the investigation is in progress to determine further action, if necessary, cooperate with them in the future, "he said.

Accordingly, the Galaxy Note for continental Europe and other major markets such as India were scheduled date of October 28 7 resume supplies are expected to disrupt such as smoke. However, Samsung Electronics and partner companies do not seem to openly mention this possibility.

SK Telecom, KT, LG U + three companies and other domestic mobile Although not yet officially announced the outage is expected to be made in an action seen as soon as possible overseas cases.

4 No. 2 US carrier AT & T and T- Mobile during the third front has stopped the sale and exchange of Galaxy Note 7, fourth sprint down the state of this product at the online shop. Shop No. 1 mobile carrier in the US Verizon has been suspended online sales to the state marked as 'out of stock'.

This action is reported that Samsung Electronics has ignited an accident in early September after having announced a global recall in late September, the new Galaxy Note 7 kkebuteo seems to be due to subsequent correspondence from home and abroad.

In case of fire it is known through the new Galaxy Notes 7 and other major media outlets reported so far, including the five cases, one case in Korea, China, one thing, one thing Taiwan, the United States.

Did this come the findings published for overseas cases Seven cases of, one case occurred in Korea is Samsung that electrons were the SGS Korea Giheung laboratory and refer the investigation to the Korea Occupational Safety & Health Institute (KTL) "strong external shock or depression it seems "is the survey was published.


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