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Samsung preparing itself for additional class action lawsuits by Galaxy Note 7 customers

It was only a matter of time after the dust began to settle on the Galaxy Note 7 recall for class action lawsuits to be filed against Samsung. One has already been filed against the company in the United States and the other on its home turf in South Korea. Samsung sees additional potential legal challenges in the near future which is why it has reportedly started preparing to fight its case. The company is said to have hired the services to two major law firms – Gwangjang and Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan – as its legal advisors.

These law firms have previously worked with Samsung on its patent disputes with Apple. They are now reportedly reviewing the legal implications surrounding the ill-fated Galaxy Note 7. Samsung’s retail and carrier partners might seek compensation as well since they have had to cover some of the costs associated with refunds on their own. Samsung might inevitably have to compensate them to ensure that its carrier and retail partnerships remain intact. Samsung is also reportedly coming up with a new compensation program to further appease Galaxy Note 7 owners, it’s claimed that the company will offer customers a discount on the Galaxy S8 or the next Note handset as part of this program.


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