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Samsung really needs to ‘adopt’ Marshmallow’s adoptable storage feature

Google doesn’t like expandable storage. The Android maker has long argued that the presence of two different types of storage on a smartphone makes it a confusing prospect for the end user, but if we look at the business side of things, it’s clearly Google’s love for and dependence on the cloud that has dictated its decision to not add support for expandable storage on Nexus (and its new Pixel) devices. But Android itself has supported external storage for a long time, and with Android 6.0 Marshmallow, Google came up with the adoptable storage feature to allow users to treat their device’s internal and external storage as one and the same.

Adoptable storage is important because, by default, Android doesn’t support installation of apps directly to the external storage. As a result, anything you download must go to the internal storage before it can be moved to the SD card. On devices with low internal storage, this can pose a problem as such devices might not have the space required for the initial install of an app on the internal storage. Adoptable storage fixes this by treating the external storage as part of the internal space, and it’s a feature that’s a boon on low-end smartphones and something nice to have on mid-range and high-end phones.

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