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Samsung Z2 review: Strictly for first-time smartphone users

Samsung has never been shy about admitting that its Tizen devices are aimed primarily at those moving from a feature phone to a smartphone. The Samsung Z1 and Samsung Z3, the first and second commercial Tizen handsets, came in at the low end of the budget segment, with the Z1 priced at Rs. 5,700 – roughly $85 – in the Indian market. But the Korean giant apparently didn’t think it had gone low enough on the price ladder, so here in 2016, Samsung decided to launch the Z2 with a Rs. 4,590 ($68) price tag.

The Samsung Z1 was an extremely low-end device, but the Z2 gets a couple of upgrades despite its lower price. Well, the AMOLED displays that made the Z1 and Z3 compelling have been replaced by an LCD unit here, but there’s more RAM, more internal storage, a higher-resolution rear camera and support for 4G LTE connectivity compared to the Z1. It’s closer to the Z3 in terms of specs, thanks to the fact that basic smartphone technology has gotten much cheaper since the Z1 hit the market back in 2014.

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