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Samsung's Latest Design Patent Indicates they're Out to Reinvent the Tablet as we know it

A bendable OLED display was shown at a Korean trade show in June of this year as seen in this YouTube video. So this will become a market reality down the road. Samsung is one of the leaders of bendable devices and they have dozens of patents covering various configurations and iterations of various bendable smartphone and tablet devices. It's been rumored by Bloomberg and others that Samsung may have their first product debuting in Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in late February 2017.

Yesterday the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office granted Samsung a number of design patents, but the one that stood out is the extension of their foldable tablet design that could fold like a leather folder when traveling, but could be used by the user in one of three ways. It could be a wide tablet, a mobile desktop to compete with Apple's iPad Pro and finally be folded so that it becomes a notebook as illustrated below. With Samsung having to kill off their Note7 yesterday due to a battery or electrical problem that they couldn't resolve, Samsung needs a new home run in the market to win back their mojo. Not that the foldable tablet will be ready to help them this year, but it could be something over the next two or three years that could set a new trend like their phablet once did.

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