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Samsung’s Quantum Dot SUHD named ‘TV of the Year’ in UK

Samsung Electronics’ Quantum Dot SUHD television has been named the "2016 TV of the year" in succession by leading IT magazines in the U.K.
The U.K. IT magazine "WHAT HI-FI" gave Samsung’s Quantum Dot SUHD the top score of five out of the possible five points in its 2016 Award on Sunday, saying, “The TV excels in all different aspects.” In addition to the "TV of the Year," Samsung’s Quantum Dot SUHD also ranked atop in three of the seven categories including the "best 47-52 inch TV" by winning five out of the possible five points. This came after "Which," a journal of the British consumer association, picked the product the "TV of the Year."
“We will continue to remain No. 1 in the global TV market share for the 11th consecutive year with the Quantum Dot TV,” said Kim Moon-soo, vice president at Samsung Electronics’ video display division.


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