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Someone made a smoking Galaxy Note 7 Halloween costume because why not

I’m pretty sure the Galaxy Note 7 has given a lot of people over at Samsung many sleepless nights, the entire fiasco was the stuff of nightmares to say the least. The Galaxy Note 7 is dead now but people are finding their own ways to pay homage to what might have been Samsung’s best flagship smartphone. One guy thought it would be cool to use the Galaxy Note 7 has a hand grenade in Grand Theft Auto 5 so he made a mod for that and Chris Killey came up with the hilarious idea of making a Halloween costume out of smoking Galaxy Note 7 boxes. Talk about timing!

The costume is quite simple. Killey has a vest containing six Galaxy Note 7 boxes strapped to his body. The boxes emit smoke as he blows into a small tube coming out of the vest. His idea is to go to Halloween parties dressed as a fire hazard this year, and you’ve got to admit, this is a great topical costume that’s bound to be a conversation starter. Full marks for creativity!

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