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Still holding on to a Galaxy Note 7? It’s just not worth it anymore

The Galaxy Note 7 could have done so much for Samsung. The ill-fated flagship had a lot of potential. When the handset was unveiled in August this year many suggested that it would turn out to be Samsung’s best-selling smartphone and would carry the impressive sales momentum set by the Galaxy S7 series. It all went south when reports started surfacing that the Galaxy Note 7′s battery was catching fire for no apparent reason.

Samsung investigated the reports and found that there was a battery cell issue in the batteries it was sourcing from one supplier, reportedly its own battery making division, so the company said that it would voluntarily replace all units and ship safe ones with batteries from another supplier. That should have been the end of it but alas, it wasn’t. Even replacement handsets that were meant to be safe started catching fire and it gradually became evident that Samsung would have to take the hit and cancel the Galaxy Note 7.

That’s precisely what the company did a couple of weeks ago. After countless reports of replacement units catching fire, Samsung decided that it could no longer risk hurting its brand value and that the Galaxy Note 7 had to be discontinued. The flagship is no longer being produced and will no longer be sold. Samsung has launched compensation programs to try and get people to turn in their Galaxy Note 7 but it’s not proving to be an easy task.

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