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Verizon and T-Mobile now allowing customers to exchange replacement Galaxy Note 7 with any other device

Samsung would have hoped that the Galaxy Note 7 debacle would end with the replacement program but a new storm is now brewing. There have been four reports of the replacement Galaxy Note 7 devices exploding in this week alone and now even the company itself is not ruling out a potential safety issue with the units that were meant to be safe in the first place. A couple of days ago AT&T announced that its customers could exchange their replacement Note 7 with any other device in its lineup, its announcement came a day after Sprint made a similar offer.

All four major carriers in the United States are now on the same page with regards to the replacement Galaxy Note 7 units. Verizon and T-Mobile are now also allowing their customers to turn in a replacement device and exchange it for any other smartphone in their lineup. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a Samsung smartphone so there’s a real risk that many who have lost faith in the Galaxy Note 7 might easily jump ship to the iPhone 7.

Samsung is yet to offer an explanation as to why it just can’t seem to fix the Galaxy Note 7. So far the company has only said that it takes all reports of exploding units seriously and that it’s closely working with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission on this. If the issue persists Samsung might even have to authorize a second recall of the Galaxy Note 7 which will certainly further damage consumer confidence in the company.


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