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Best Buy now taking pre-orders for the Gear S3 in the US

Over the past week we’ve seen pre-orders for the Gear S3 smartwatch going live in a couple of markets across the globe. It has been less than a week since pre-orders were opened in the United Kingdom and the smartwatch has already been sold out there. Samsung started taking pre-orders for the Gear S3 in Germany just yesterday and now one of its biggest retail partners is doing the same in the United States.

Customers in the United States who have been meaning to pick up the Gear S3 smartwatch can now place a pre-order for one via Best Buy. The retailer is selling both the Gear S3 classic and the Gear S3 frontier for $349.99. Both smartwatches are currently listed as “coming soon” so it’s unclear when they’re going to be released. Previous reports suggest that the Gear S3 is going to be released by mid-November so customers who place a pre-order now might not have to wait for too long. It would be best to place an order posthaste since the Gear S3 has a tendency these days to become quickly sold out.


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