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Samsung Z1 gets a price cut on Snapdeal

Almost two years after it launched in India, Samsung’s first Tizen-powered smartphone has been subject to a pretty hefty price cut. When it first hit the shelves in the region back in January 2015, the Samsung Z1 carried a price tag of Rs. 5,700 ($85), but now you can pick one up through Snapdeal for just Rs. 4,064 ($60).

It’s worth noting that this is a brand new unit, which comes complete with a 12-month warranty — so don’t be fooled into thinking that you’re going to receive either a pre-owned or refurbished device. The retailer is simply slashing the price to get rid of old stock before its rumored successor arrives next year.

If you’re still looking to enter the smartphone market and don’t require the extensive catalog of applications and complex customization options that Android has to offer, then Tizen is the perfect OS for you. The Samsung Z1 runs the system smoothly and has some great integrated features.

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