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Samsung All-In-One 7 (700A4L) product introduction

Samsung All-In-One 7 (700A4L)

- Unique and new design
. Unique metallic design

- Powerful performance for efficient use
. 6th generation CPU for desktop
. Memory expansion support
. Dual storage support High performance for efficient use

- Multimedia optimized PC
. Rich sound 10W output stereo high performance speaker without the boot Smartphone music through Bluetooth to speakers
* Bluetooth-enabled smartphone pairing: Bluetooth music play for the whole family to enjoy
. Full-HD (1920 * 1080) wide viewing angle that allows you to enjoy a clear view anywhere with a wider viewing angle

- Various convenience features for users
. Full-size wireless keyboard with convenient keyboard-less convenience Ergonomic curved keypads provide optimal typing environment
* Right numeric key & Fn + function key combination
. FHD Webcam Webcam & Array MIC for more memorable memories
. HDMI in and out capability available as a separate display
* Convenience function considering all family including IPTV, XBOX monitor

* Weight may vary depending on configuration and manufacturing conditions.
* The sales model for each store may be different. Please contact the store before purchasing.
* Detailed specifications are available on Samsung Electronics website (http://www.samsung.com/sec).

Samsung All-In-One 7 (700A4L)

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