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Ultra-pure air cleaner Samsung Cube product image

# Samsung Cube in every space you breathe

✔ Change the standards of cleanliness! "Unique 99.999 Filter System"
✔ Depending on the space, at my disposal! "Modular Cube Design"
✔ Quiet without worrying about cold wind! "Rust-free"
✔ Smart Clean Life! "Hidden Display"

Ultra-pure Air Purifier Samsung Cube's main features
Check it out by video!

※ 99.999% of the air passing through the filter of 0.3 ㎛ size dust
Means the removal rate, only in the inhaled air
※ It is our own experiment value that has been tested by Intertech.
(Removal efficiency test standard for one pass of filter,
Test particles: 0.3 mu m KCl particles, wind speed: 1.0 m / s)

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