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[S/I/M Exhibition Tour] The discovery of static electricity, a great first step

 Did you know that the first record of our biography dates back to 600 BC?

From the first record of “electricity,” which is the seed of the electronics industry,

Even the story of the invention of the “Leiden disease” that creates and stores electricity!

An interesting story of a biography that changed human history!

We will tell you at [Samsung Innovation Museum].

[00:44] Discovery of static electricity

[01:38] Use of the compass

[02:12] Leiden's disease invention

[03:48] Benjamin Franklin's kite experiment

▶ Samsung Innovation Museum (S/I/M) website: https://www.samsunginnovationmuseum.c...

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#SamsungInnovationMuseum #StaticElectricity #Thales #LeydenJar

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