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[ENG] [Super Mart Quiz Show] Winner of 300 million won! The prelude to the largest quiz show on the ground (EP.01 image sensor)

 The fierce brain confrontation of geniuses that cover the 10 best intelligence in Korea!

Check out the best #quiz show on the planet for 300 million won in the winning prize.

[Super Mart Quiz Show] EP01

Meet Namju Yeoju in advance▼▼▼

[01:05] A genius who is unique in reasoning and computation! Go to the sensor

[02:11] Psychological counselor dreams of memory genius! Go to see Ray

[03:00] A taste genius who dreams of becoming a chef! Go to the net

[05:43] Experience the future technology with a semiconductor'image sensor' called the eye of the 4th industrial revolution!

#Web Drama #Education Drama #Image Sensor #Supermart Quiz Show #Samsung Electronics

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