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[ENG] [Supermart] Arctic Fox and Refrigerant No. 3 (EP.01 Refrigerator)

 "Let's go around together~ A round of the refrigerator!"

Easy to understand how electronic products work! fun!

I just watched the animation... and the principle of the electronic product in my mind... ?!

Even if I endure everything else, I can never stand the curious thing

Let's go in to find out about the cooling cycle of the refrigerator now with the Arctic Fox! (feat. Refrigerant No. 3)

Chapter1. 'The same refrigerator didn't all look the same!' Various types of refrigerators! (1:14)

Chapter2. ‘Are you curious about the first refrigerator?’ The first refrigerator looks and works with Dr. Harrison (1:32)

Chapter3. Finally, how the refrigerator works! An exciting cooling cycle adventure through compressor-condenser-capillary-evaporator! (feat. Refrigerant No. 3 aka the best refrigerant) (03:20)

+) Special Chapter. How the Hip Arctic Fox Refrigerator Works Completely Organized Lab Yo! Check it! (11:40)

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