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[Galaxy Buzz Live Challenge ①] Will Buzz Live be able to withstand B-Boy's head spin?

 Galaxy Buzz Live catches the eye with a unique design that is distinct from other wireless earphones. Although each person has a slightly different shape of the ear, the Galaxy Buzz Live with an ergonomic design provides a comfortable fit. One of the features is that it adopts an'open type' structure that puts less pressure on the ears so that it can be used in all everyday situations, but there are also people who are concerned that these cute little wireless earphones will not easily fall out of their ears.

So, in the newsroom of Samsung Electronics, I wanted to experiment to see how far Galaxy Buzz Live can withstand.

What would happen if B-boy, who shows off a splendid dance that is inseparable from music, wears Galaxy Buzz Live and dances?

From simple steps 1 to 3 gorgeous headspins, was the Galaxy Buzz Live stuck in your ears even though the difficulty gradually increased? Let's check it through the video.

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