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Generation17 Young Leaders: How Tafara Makaza Works On the Future of Mobility and Employment Opportunities in Zimbabwe and Rwanda

A world map showing the four Young Leaders and their home countries

Growing up in Zimbabwe, where formal employment is scarce, Tafara Makaza and his family couldn’t afford much beyond the necessities. Life was filled with everyday challenges, such as walking miles to his father’s teaching job or watching his mother, also a trained teacher, work abroad for a month because there were no local opportunities.

A natural and resolute problem solver, Tafara set out to obtain the skills needed to improve life for himself and his community. He worked hard at school, and at his father’s urging, learned to use a computer at the age of 12. Soon, Tafara developed a talent for coding from studiously watching online tutorials. The simplicity of the craft and the immediacy of the technology fascinated him. A passion was born. 


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