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[SAIF 2020] Day 1: Live Streaming (edit) | Samsung

 Samsung AI Forum 2020 - Day 1 (edited ver.)

November 2 Mon., 09:00~13:00 (KST, UTC+9)

00:03:14 Opening Remarks (Kinam Kim)

00:08:09 Talk #1: Towards Discovering Causal Representations (Yoshua Bengio)

00:28:31 Talk #2: Energy Based Models for Self-Supervised Learning (Yann LeCun)

00:56:18 Talk #3: Meta-Learning: from Few-Shot Adaptation to Uncovering Symmetries (Chelsea Finn)

01:18:19 Samsung AI Researcher of the Year Ceremony

(Not open to the public) Talk #4: Reconstruction of the Brain (Donhee Ham)

01:27:28 Talk #5: Towards End-to-End Speech Recognition (Tara Sainath)

01:49:37 Talk #6: Intelligibility Throughout the Machine Learning Life Cycle (Jenn Wortman Vaughan)

02:18:35 Panel Discussion (with Inyup Kang)

#SamsungAIForum #SAIF2020

For more information, visit our websites:

- Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (#SAIT): http://smsng.co/sait

- Samsung Research: http://smsng.co/sr

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