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Shot on iPhone 12 — Everyday Experiments. Get creative at home.

 Commissioned by Apple. All it takes is the #iPhone12 and a different perspective to turn the everyday into something extraordinary.

00:00 Opening

00:22 Balloons + Slo-mo

Learn how to create mesmerizing blobs of color with:

- Party balloons

- Water

- Colorful paper

- Slo-mo on iPhone 12

01:40 Oil + Water + Macro 

See how easy it is to create psychedelic liquid formations using:

- Glass bottle

- Water

- Food dye

- Baby oil

- Dolby Vision on iPhone 12

03:00 Glow-sticks + Night mode

Or turn night time into your creative canvas and paint with:

- Glow sticks

- String lights

- Tripod

- Night mode + Night mode Time-lapse on iPhone 12

Try these simple experiments yourself, or use them as inspiration to create incredible visuals from the stuff you already have in the cupboard.

Learn more about iPhone 12 at:


For more experiments, visit:


#ShotoniPhone 12 by Donghoon J. and James T. of Incite.

Song: “Patty Cake" by Captain Planet

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