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BWS 2020: Building Business Agility with FBB Network Autonomy


The Huawei Better World Summit 2020 for FBB Autonomous Driving Network was successfully held on the 10th and 11th of December. With the theme of "Building Business Agility with FBB Network Autonomy", global ICT leaders and industrial insiders shared the latest developments and case studies on Autonomous Driving Networks (ADN) and discussed how business agility can be created with FBB network autonomy in an era where everything is connected.

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the rollout of 5G worldwide, and it has significantly changed network usage and traffic flows. These changes brought not only more stringent requirements for operator networks, but also opened up a window of opportunity for increased revenue, by new offerings for all-scenario B2B/C/H agility B2B/C/H to shorten time to revenue (TTR) and sales of deterministic experiences. However, it also increases the complexity of network operations and maintenance (O&M), which will require network assurance with less manual intervention and smarter troubleshooting capability.

As enterprises embrace the cloud, iMaster NCE accelerates applications' migration to the cloud and prioritizes 5G transport

Traffic of software as a service (SaaS) is surging as millions of enterprises embrace change by migrating to the cloud, so then migration and multi-cloud collaboration are becoming vital in cloud-network convergence. The president of Huawei NCE Data Communication Domain, Dazheng Guo said, "In terms of cloud network, iMaster NCE SaaS allows the network to automatically adapt to changes for cloud services, which enables operators to provide cloud-network integrated services to meet enterprises' requirements of cloud migration. When it comes to 5G transport, the entire process – from planning and construction, to maintenance and optimization – is all automated. This satisfies the requirements of massive network deployment with lower costs and greater efficiency."

In an era of surging network demand, the “deterministic experience” has become a premium

In the F5G era, deterministic experiences deliver high-quality connections that digital homes and informatized industries rely on, setting a trend to drive new profit growths for operators. "With pre-prepared resources, always-on networks, and committed services, iMaster NCE enables all-optical autonomous driving networks with guaranteed reliability," said Yuegang Song, the President of Huawei NCE-Transmission & Access Domain. "This opens up a market worth $60 billion for the F5G era. Deterministic experience means premium prices."

iMaster NCE ensures intelligent connectivity through AI-Empowered integrated management, control, and analysis solutions

In order to achieve more potential applications such as cloud-network convergence and deterministic experience, innovations in architecture are necessary. The AI-empowered iMaster NCE supports the O&M of fixed broadband (FBB) networks such as optical fiber networks, IP networks, and home Wi-Fi networks. The president of Huawei NCE Product Dept., Haiou Lu stated, "iMaster NCE utilizes massive data and AI algorithms to drive real-time network awareness, analysis, and diagnosis, enabling end-to-end autonomy of FBB networks."

In the future, when the O&M of FBB networks becomes increasingly complex, Huawei will continue to help operators boost FBB autonomy, create more business possibilities, and accelerate the process of network automation and intelligence. To learn more, please stay tuned for the replay of the summit at: http://events.carrier.huawei.com/BWS-ADN/broadcast.html

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