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[Daylog Episode 6] This is Samsung Electronics' Kim Se-song who became a drone master.

 ※ All the filming process in the video was conducted safely in consideration of public health.

※ Unmanned aerial vehicle (drone) shooting was conducted in compliance with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport safety guidelines.

It was conducted safely in cooperation with external related organizations and related departments in Suwon Digital City of Samsung Electronics.

To go to work while riding a bicycle

Samsung Electronics Network Division Kim Se-song Pro

He who only knew how to code software

Wearing a hard hat and sunglasses and driving a drone?!

The story of how he flew drones during business hours

Introducing it in'Dailo: Today, My Job Meets'!

Chapter 1. Refreshing 120% on the way to work (00:00)

Chapter 2. This is Samsung Electronics? The chest becomes magnificent (01:37)

Chapter 3. Oh, I got it in one shot! What Pro Kim does (03:57)

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