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Exynos: Thank you | Samsung

 Dear fans,

Although 2020 will be remembered as a year full of challenges, both global and personal, it also gave people time to reflect and think about what is most important to our lives. In rediscovering these personal values, we’ve learned to cherish every precious moment we have with family and friends, and to believe in our inner strength and ability to tackle life’s challenges head on.

The same goes for the #Exynos team. Now more than ever, we realize how important the support of our fans is towards going further. With a renewed confidence in the talent of our team, we have refocused our efforts to meet our fans’ expectations by developing a whole new #MobileProcessor.

To all of you, especially our fans that have waited patiently and supported us, we offer a heartfelt thank you. We hope this story will bring you a warm smile and that you have a happy holiday with family, friends and loved ones. 

#ThankYou again for all you have done for us. Stay tuned for more stories. 


The Exynos team


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