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[Tekitok] Attach and detach! Next-generation display with LED

 Samsung Electronics' IT experts and college students' tech talk, Samsung Electronics' Tech IT Talk!

Wouldn't it be nice if all the walls and ceilings of my house were screens?

But it

Did it actually happen?

With LEDs, walls of any shape and size become full screen.

Next-generation display made with hair-thick LEDs, check it out now~

0:48 What is an LED?

1:12 LED light emission principle

How to make a display with 1:36 LEDs?

2:14 LEDs and digital signage

2:47 Essential Skills for Outdoor Signage

3:00 LED in the house

3:25 Modular technology used in The Wall

4:10 Surface treatment technology used in The Wall

4:36 The future of next-generation displays

※ This video was taken indoors, taking care of personal hygiene and public health such as body temperature measurement and hand disinfection.

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