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 2020 is proving to be one of the most challenging years in our lifetimes yet we are finding new ways to connect, albeit with some differences. One of the biggest obstacles facing marketers is the inability to let consumers “experience” their brand up close. LG’s mobile arm, which has a long history of outside thinking, is up for the challenge.

Popular YouTubers Unbox Therapy and Azzyland talking about and showing off LG WING in their online videos

Take the introduction of LG WING as an example.

For the smartphone’s launch in September, the company enlisted several high-profile influencers such as Unbox Therapy and Azzyland to demonstrate its main features and unique usability virtually. LG is also spreading the word about LG WING via partnerships with Ficto and NAVER Whale but this is just the beginning. Here are some other places you can expect to see LG WING in the weeks to come.


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